Data 4 Development Challenge (Orange)

Among 250+ researchers from all over the world, we have just won the Orange Data for Development Challenge 2013 with our study about Exploiting Cellular Data for Disease Containment and Information Campaigns Strategies in Country-Wide Epidemics (Download here), i) presenting a model that describes how diseases spread across the country by exploiting mobility patterns; ii) evaluating mechanisms to contain the epidemic spreading of such diseases by also exploiting information about social ties, gathered from the phone call data.
The work will be presented at the Third International Conference on the Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets (NETMOB'13). Boston, USA. May 2013.
The paper, Disease Containment Strategies based on Mobility and Information Dissemination, published by Scientific Reports (Nature Open Access), is available here: Scientific Reports

Geographic network obtained from call logs (left) and mobility traces (right). Color is used to indicate the community structure:
nodes within the same community are represented with the same color.