Publications related to COVID-19

Unraveling the role of adapting risk perception during the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe
B. Heinlein, M. De Domenico, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 177, 114264 (2023)
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Prevalence of long COVID decreases for increasing COVID-19 vaccine uptake
M. De Domenico, PLOS Global Public Health 3, e0001917 (2023)
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Enhancing global preparedness during an ongoing pandemic from partial and noisy data
P. Klamser, V. d'Andrea, F. Di Lauro, A. Zachariae, S. Bontorin, A. Di Nardo, M. Hall, B. Maier, L. Ferretti, D. Brockmann, M. De Domenico, PNAS Nexus, pgad192 (2023)
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Proactive vs. reactive country responses to the COVID19 pandemic shock
P. Sacco, F. Valle, M. De Domenico, PLOS Global Public Health 3, e0001345 (2023)
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Interplay between exogenous triggers and endogenous behavioral changes in contagion processes on social networks
C. Eminente, O. Artime, M. De Domenico, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 165, 112759 (2022)
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The voice of few, the opinions of many: evidence of social biases in Twitter COVID-19 fake news sharing
P. Castioni, G. Andrighetto, R. Gallotti, E. Polizzi, M. De Domenico, R. Soc. Open Sci. 9, 220716 (2022)
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COVID-19 Lockdown Unravels the Complex Interplay between Environmental Conditions and Human Activity
S. Raimondo, B. Benigni, M. De Domenico, Complexity 2022, 5677568 (2022)
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Individual risk perception and empirical social structures shape the dynamics of infectious disease outbreaks
V. d'Andrea, N. Castaldo, R. Gallotti, M. De Domenico, PLOS Comput. Biol. 18, e1009760 (2022)
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Epidemic proximity and imitation dynamics drive infodemic waves during the COVID-19 pandemic
V. d'Andrea, O. Artime, N. Castaldo, P. Sacco, R. Gallotti, M. De Domenico, Phys. Rev. Research 4, 013158 (2022)
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A Public Health Research Agenda for Managing Infodemics: Methods and Results of the First WHO Infodemiology Conference
N. Calleja et al, JMIR Infodemiology 1, e30979 (2021)
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Emergence of knowledge communities and information centralization during the COVID-19 pandemic
P. Sacco, R. Gallotti, F. Pilati, N. Castaldo, M. De Domenico, Social Science & Medicine 285, 114215 (2021)
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Public health challenges and opportunities after COVID-19
P. Sacco, M. De Domenico, Bulletin of the World Health Organization 99, 529-535 (2021)
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Studying the COVID-19 infodemic at scale
A. Gruzd, M. De Domenico, P. Sacco, S. Briand, Big Data & Society 8, 205395172110211 (2021)
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Part of the Special Issue devoted to infodemic research

Multiscale statistical physics of the pan-viral interactome unravels the systemic nature of SARS-CoV-2 infections
A. Ghavasieh, S. Bontorin, O. Artime, N. Verstraete, M. De Domenico, Communications Physics 4, 83 (2021)
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The CLAIRE COVID-19 initiative: approach, experiences and recommendations
G. Bontempi et al, Ethics and Information Technology (2021)
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CovMulNet19, Integrating Proteins, Diseases, Drugs, and Symptoms: A Network Medicine Approach to COVID-19
N. Verstraete, G. Jurman, G. Bertagnolli, A. Ghavasieh, V. Pancaldi, M. De Domenico, Network and Systems Medicine 3, 130 (2020)
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Assessing the risks of "infodemics" in response to COVID-19 epidemics
R. Gallotti, F. Valle, N. Castaldo, P. Sacco, M. De Domenico, Nature Human Behavior 4, 1285-1293 (2020)
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Data on OSF
Covid19 Infodemic Observatory

Volume and Patterns of Toxicity in Social Media Conversations during the Covid-19 Pandemic
S. Majó-Vázquez, R. K. Nielsen, J. Verdú, N. Rao, M. De Domenico, O. Papaspiliopoulos, RISJ FactSheet (2020)
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Framework for Managing the COVID-19 Infodemic: Methods and Results of an Online, Crowdsourced WHO Technical Consultation
V. Tangcharoensathien et al, J. Med. Internet Research 22, e19659 (2020)
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