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Our research, at the edge of statistical physics, applied mathematics and computer science, relies on theoretical and computational network science to cover a wide spectrum of interests, with applications to social and socio-technical systems, computational epidemiology, smart urban systems, systems biology, systems neuroscience, systems medicine.
Applications from talented and motivated undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral scholars, as well as visiting researchers, are welcome at any time: please, include a cover letter and CV, in plain English, in your inquiry.
Disclaimer: due to the large number of requests I receive, it might happen that some unsolicited proposals might receive no reply.

Special agreements between FBK and University of Trento provide fast channels to internships and formative/thesis stages for their students. On a rolling basis I accept motivated students for internship/thesis projects from UniTN students on:

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PhD Scholarship to start in Nov 2021

A fully funded scholarship to work on the statistical physics of human mobility in urban systems, in collaboration with the University of Bologna (Dept. of Physics, type: Applied Physics and Complex Systems).
The aim of the scholarship is twofold: 1) apply the methods of statistical physics of complex systems to empirical case studies, analyzing data from a few selected Italian cities (bonus: data from cities around the world are also available); 2) develop theoretical and computational tools in the area of statistical physics applied to urban systems, human mobility in urban systems, and multiscale dynamics in, on and of urban systems.
The candidate will be located at the University of Bologna, under the supervision of Prof. Armando Bazzani and will be expected to stay at the FBK in Trento, for up to 50% of the duration of the PhD scholarship, hosted by the Complex Multilayer Networks Lab under the supervision of Prof. Manlio De Domenico.
More info: Call.

Candidates with background in Physics, Math and Computer Science (or related disciplines) are warmly encouraged to consider this opportunity at the edge of Statistical Physics and Data Science of Complex Systems.
Please get in touch with me as soon as possible if you are interested and apply earlier than the deadline (20 May 2021).

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