International Reports

My research on infodemic, the over-abundance of information during epidemics with impact on public health, has been featured by WHO, UNESCO and UNDP.


Talks, Webinars, TEDx

I have discussed my research (in English and Italian):

WHO consultation on COVID-19 infodemic management

About the first WHO global infodemiology conference

Scienza della complessità: studiare l'epidemia analizzando l'infodemia - Reg. Trentino-AA - EP2 2020

UBICS: 1st webinar of the series: Complex Systems and COVID-19, where infodemic is put in the broader persepctive of complexity science

AccelNet MultiNet webinar at Indiana University: Multilayer modeling of complex systems: from systems medicine to infodemiology (of COVID-19). Original event here

NetSciX 2020 in Tokyo: Collective phenomena in socio-technical systems: from social bursts to social manipulation. Original event here

TEDx Verona Salon talk on infodemics (in Italian). Whole event here

Just the TEDx Verona Salon talk on infodemics

Cos'è un "umano aumentato"? | Drops of Knowledge.
Not directly related to infodemics, but discussing research relevant for it

AAAI-GCLR Talk about multilayer networks modeling

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