International Reports

My research on infodemic, the over-abundance of information during epidemics with impact on public health, has been featured by WHO, UNESCO and UNDP.


Talks, Webinars, TEDx

I have discussed my research (in English and Italian):

WHO consultation on COVID-19 infodemic management

About the first WHO global infodemiology conference

Scienza della complessità: studiare l'epidemia analizzando l'infodemia - Reg. Trentino-AA - EP2 2020

UBICS: 1st webinar of the series: Complex Systems and COVID-19, where infodemic is put in the broader persepctive of complexity science

AccelNet MultiNet webinar at Indiana University: Multilayer modeling of complex systems: from systems medicine to infodemiology (of COVID-19). Original event here

NetSciX 2020 in Tokyo: Collective phenomena in socio-technical systems: from social bursts to social manipulation. Original event here

TEDx Verona Salon talk (in Italian). Whole event here

Cos'è un "umano aumentato"? | Drops of Knowledge.
Not directly related to infodemics, but discussing research relevant for it

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