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Interplay between exogenous triggers and endogenous behavioral changes in contagion processes on social networks
C. Eminente, O. Artime, M. De Domenico, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 165, 112759 (2022)
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The voice of few, the opinions of many: evidence of social biases in Twitter COVID-19 fake news sharing
P. Castioni, G. Andrighetto, R. Gallotti, E. Polizzi, M. De Domenico, R. Soc. Open Sci. 9, 220716 (2022)
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The advantage of the right in social media news sharing
S. Gonzalez-Bailon, V. D'Andrea, Deen Freelon, M. De Domenico, PNAS Nexus, pgac137 (2022)
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Epidemic proximity and imitation dynamics drive infodemic waves during the COVID-19 pandemic
V. d'Andrea, O. Artime, N. Castaldo, P. Sacco, R. Gallotti, M. De Domenico, Phys. Rev. Research 4, 013158 (2022)
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A Public Health Research Agenda for Managing Infodemics: Methods and Results of the First WHO Infodemiology Conference
N. Calleja et al, JMIR Infodemiology 1, e30979 (2021)
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Emergence of knowledge communities and information centralization during the COVID-19 pandemic
P. Sacco, R. Gallotti, F. Pilati, N. Castaldo, M. De Domenico, Social Science & Medicine 285, 114215 (2021)
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Public health challenges and opportunities after COVID-19
P. Sacco, M. De Domenico, Bulletin of the World Health Organization 99, 529-535 (2021)
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Studying the COVID-19 infodemic at scale
A. Gruzd, M. De Domenico, P. Sacco, S. Briand, Big Data & Society 8, 205395172110211 (2021)
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Part of the Special Issue devoted to infodemic research

Bots are less central than verified accounts during contentious political events
S. Gonzalez-Bailon, M. De Domenico, PNAS 118, e2013443118 (2021)
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Assessing the risks of "infodemics" in response to COVID-19 epidemics
R. Gallotti, F. Valle, N. Castaldo, P. Sacco, M. De Domenico, Nature Human Behavior 4, 1285-1293 (2020)
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Data on OSF
Covid19 Infodemic Observatory

Effectiveness of dismantling strategies on moderated vs. unmoderated online social platforms
O. Artime, V. d'Andrea, R. Gallotti, P. Sacco, M. De Domenico, Scientific Reports 10, 14392 (2020)
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Volume and Patterns of Toxicity in Social Media Conversations during the Covid-19 Pandemic
S. Majó-Vázquez, R. K. Nielsen, J. Verdú, N. Rao, M. De Domenico, O. Papaspiliopoulos, RISJ FactSheet (2020)
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Effects of homophily and academic reputation in the nomination and selection of Nobel laureates
R. Gallotti, M. De Domenico, Scientific Reports 9, 17304 (2019)
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Influence of augmented humans in online interactions during voting events
M. Stella, M. Cristoforetti, M. De Domenico, PLOS One 14, e0214210 (2019)
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Bots increase exposure to negative and inflammatory content in online social systems
M. Stella, E. Ferrara, M. De Domenico, PNAS 115, 12435 (2018)
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Quantifying the Diaspora of Knowledge in the Last Century
M. De Domenico, E. Omodei, A. Arenas, Applied Network Science 1, 15 (2016)
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Characterizing interactions in online social networks during exceptional events
E. Omodei, M. De Domenico, A. Arenas, Frontiers in Physics 3, 59  (2015)
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Disease Containment Strategies based on Mobility and Information Dissemination
A. Lima, M. De Domenico, V. Pejovic, M. Musolesi,  Scientific Reports 5, 10650 (2015)
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Centrality Rankings in Multiplex Networks
A. Sole-Ribalta, M. De Domenico, S. Gomez, A. Arenas, Proceedings of the 2014 ACM conference on Web science, 149-155 (2014)
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The Anatomy of a Scientific Rumor
M. De Domenico, A. Lima, P. Mougel, M. Musolesi, Scientific Reports 3, 2980 (2013)
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Interdependence and Predictability of Human Mobility and Social Interactions
M. De Domenico, A. Lima, M. Musolesi, Proceedings of the Nokia Mobile Data Challenge Workshop. Colocated with Pervasive 2012. Newcastle, United Kingdom (June 2012)
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Winner of the Nokia Mobile Data Challenge
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