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Ranking Edges by their Impact on the Spectral Complexity of Information Diffusion over Networks
J. Kazimer, M. De Domenico, P.J. Mucha, D. Taylor, To appear in SIAM Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (2024)
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Functional reducibility of higher-order networks
M. Lucas, L. Gallo, A. Ghavasieh, F. Battiston, M. De Domenico,  (2024)
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Diversity of information pathways drives sparsity in real-world networks
A. Ghavasieh, M. De Domenico, Nature Physics (2024)
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Emergent information dynamics in many-body interconnected systems
W. Merbis, M. De Domenico, Phys. Rev. E 108, 014312 (2023)
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Generalized network density matrices for analysis of multiscale functional diversity
A. Ghavasieh, M. De Domenico, Phys. Rev. E 107, 044304 (2023)
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Dismantling the information flow in complex interconnected systems
A. Ghavasieh, G. Bertagnolli, M. De Domenico, Phys. Rev. Research 5, 013084 (2023)
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Maximum entropy network states for coalescence processes
A. Ghavasieh, M. De Domenico,  (2022)
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Statistical physics of network structure and information dynamics
A. Ghavasieh, M. De Domenico, J. of Physics: Complexity 3, 011001 (2022)
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Multiscale Information Propagation in Emergent Functional Networks
A. Ghavasieh, M. De Domenico, Entropy 23, 1369 (2021)
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Persistence of information flow: a multiscale characterization of human brain
B. Benigni, A. Ghavasieh, A. Corso, V. d'Andrea, M. De Domenico, Network Neuroscience 5, 831 (2021)
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How choosing random-walk model and network representation matters for flow-based community detection in hypergraphs
A. Eriksson, D. Edler, A. Rojas, M. De Domenico, M. Rosvall, Communications Physics 4, 133 (2021)
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Unraveling the effects of multiscale network entanglement on empirical systems
A. Ghavasieh, M. Stella, J. Biamonte, M. De Domenico, Communications Physics 4, 129 (2021)
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Multiscale statistical physics of the pan-viral interactome unravels the systemic nature of SARS-CoV-2 infections
A. Ghavasieh, S. Bontorin, O. Artime, N. Verstraete, M. De Domenico, Communications Physics 4, 83 (2021)
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Statistical physics of complex information dynamics
A. Ghavasieh, C. Nicolini, M. De Domenico, Phys. Rev. E 102, 052304 (2020)
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Enhancing transport properties in interconnected systems without altering their structure
A. Ghavasieh, M. De Domenico, Phys. Rev. Research 2, 013155 (2020)
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Complex Networks: from Classical to Quantum
J. Biamonte, M. Faccin, M. De Domenico, Communications Physics 2, 53 (2019)
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Distance entropy cartography characterises centrality in complex networks
M. Stella, M. De Domenico, Entropy 20, 268 (2018)
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Spectral entropies as information-theoretic tools for complex network comparison
M. De Domenico, J. Biamonte, Phys. Rev. X 6, 041062 (2016)
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Structural reducibility of multilayer networks
M. De Domenico, V. Nicosia, A. Arenas, V. Latora, Nature Communications 6, 6864 (2015)
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Identifying modular flows on multilayer networks reveals highly overlapping organization in interconnected systems
M. De Domenico, A. Lancichinetti, A. Arenas, M. Rosvall, Phys. Rev. X 5, 011027 (2015)
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Mathematical Formulation of Multi-Layer Networks
M. De Domenico, A. Sole-Ribalta, E. Cozzo, M. Kivela, Y. Moreno, M. A. Porter, S. Gomez, A. Arenas, Phys. Rev. X 3, 041022 (2013)
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Chaos and scaling in daily river flow
M. De Domenico, M. Ali Ghorbani, Submitted (2011)
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Entropic Approach to Multiscale Clustering Analysis
M. De Domenico, A. Insolia, Entropy 14, 865 (2012)
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