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Functional reducibility of higher-order networks
M. Lucas, L. Gallo, A. Ghavasieh, F. Battiston, M. De Domenico,  (2024)
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Unraveling the role of adapting risk perception during the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe
B. Heinlein, M. De Domenico, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 177, 114264 (2023)
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More is different in real-world multilayer networks
M. De Domenico,  Nature Physics  (2023)
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Emergent information dynamics in many-body interconnected systems
W. Merbis, M. De Domenico, Phys. Rev. E 108, 014312 (2023)
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Prevalence of long COVID decreases for increasing COVID-19 vaccine uptake
M. De Domenico, PLOS Global Public Health 3, e0001917 (2023)
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Enhancing global preparedness during an ongoing pandemic from partial and noisy data
P. Klamser, V. d'Andrea, F. Di Lauro, A. Zachariae, S. Bontorin, A. Di Nardo, M. Hall, B. Maier, L. Ferretti, D. Brockmann, M. De Domenico, PNAS Nexus, pgad192 (2023)
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The distorting lens of human mobility data
R. Gallotti, D. Maniscalco, M. Barthelemy, M. De Domenico,  (2022)
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Individual risk perception and empirical social structures shape the dynamics of infectious disease outbreaks
V. d'Andrea, N. Castaldo, R. Gallotti, M. De Domenico, PLOS Comput. Biol. 18, e1009760 (2022)
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Epidemic proximity and imitation dynamics drive infodemic waves during the COVID-19 pandemic
V. d'Andrea, O. Artime, N. Castaldo, P. Sacco, R. Gallotti, M. De Domenico, Phys. Rev. Research 4, 013158 (2022)
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Critical behavior in interdependent spatial spreading processes with distinct characteristic time scales
P. Castioni, R. Gallotti, M. De Domenico, Communications Physics 4, 131 (2021)
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Percolation on feature-enriched interconnected systems
O. Artime, M. De Domenico, Nature Communications 12, 2478 (2021)
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Heterogeneity in social and epidemiological factors determines the risk of measles outbreaks
P. Bosetti, P. Poletti, M. Stella, B. Lepri, S. Merler, M. De Domenico, PNAS 117, 30118-30125 (2020)
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Assessing the risks of "infodemics" in response to COVID-19 epidemics
R. Gallotti, F. Valle, N. Castaldo, P. Sacco, M. De Domenico, Nature Human Behavior 4, 1285-1293 (2020)
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Data on OSF
Covid19 Infodemic Observatory

Assessing reliable human mobility patterns from higher-order memory in mobile communications
J. T. Matamalas*, M. De Domenico*, A. Arenas, J. Roy. Soc. Inter. 13, 20160203 (2016)
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Disease Containment Strategies based on Mobility and Information Dissemination
A. Lima, M. De Domenico, V. Pejovic, M. Musolesi,  Scientific Reports 5, 10650 (2015)
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The Anatomy of a Scientific Rumor
M. De Domenico, A. Lima, P. Mougel, M. Musolesi, Scientific Reports 3, 2980 (2013)
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Exploiting Cellular Data for Disease Containment and Information Campaigns Strategies in Country-Wide Epidemics
A. Lima, M. De Domenico, V. Pejovic, M. Musolesi, Third International Conference on the Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets (NETMOB'13). Boston, USA. May (2013)
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