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Individual risk perception and empirical social structures shape the dynamics of infectious disease outbreaks
V. d'Andrea, N. Castaldo, R. Gallotti, M. De Domenico, PLOS Comput. Biol. 18, e1009760 (2022)
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Epidemic proximity and imitation dynamics drive infodemic waves during the COVID-19 pandemic
V. d'Andrea, O. Artime, N. Castaldo, P. Sacco, R. Gallotti, M. De Domenico, Phys. Rev. Research 4, 013158 (2022)
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Critical behavior in interdependent spatial spreading processes with distinct characteristic time scales
P. Castioni, R. Gallotti, M. De Domenico, Communications Physics 4, 131 (2021)
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Percolation on feature-enriched interconnected systems
O. Artime, M. De Domenico, Nature Communications 12, 2478 (2021)
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Heterogeneity in social and epidemiological factors determines the risk of measles outbreaks
P. Bosetti, P. Poletti, M. Stella, B. Lepri, S. Merler, M. De Domenico, PNAS 117, 30118-30125 (2020)
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Assessing the risks of "infodemics" in response to COVID-19 epidemics
R. Gallotti, F. Valle, N. Castaldo, P. Sacco, M. De Domenico, Nature Human Behavior 4, 1285-1293 (2020)
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Data on OSF
Covid19 Infodemic Observatory

Assessing reliable human mobility patterns from higher-order memory in mobile communications
J. T. Matamalas*, M. De Domenico*, A. Arenas, J. Roy. Soc. Inter. 13, 20160203 (2016)
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Disease Containment Strategies based on Mobility and Information Dissemination
A. Lima, M. De Domenico, V. Pejovic, M. Musolesi,  Scientific Reports 5, 10650 (2015)
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The Anatomy of a Scientific Rumor
M. De Domenico, A. Lima, P. Mougel, M. Musolesi, Scientific Reports 3, 2980 (2013)
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Exploiting Cellular Data for Disease Containment and Information Campaigns Strategies in Country-Wide Epidemics
A. Lima, M. De Domenico, V. Pejovic, M. Musolesi, Third International Conference on the Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets (NETMOB'13). Boston, USA. May (2013)
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