The platform for visualization and analysis of interconnected multilayer networks. Written in R, it can be used as a library for the implementation of custom analysis or through an interactive browser-based Graphical User Interface to provide access to many customizable graphic options to render multilayer networks.
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Tool for visualizing the evolution of social dynamics in online systems (e.g. Twitter). Written entirely in R, it allows to represent the system as a time-varying complex network. Code will be released soon.


Tool for bibliometrics studies, it is an Open data set linking Microsoft Academic Graph and sciMAGO's journal classification for bibliometrics studies. There are 21,729 matching journals, classified into 306 distinct research topics and 27 unique knowledge areas (a coarser level of classification). The resulting data set has more than 35 million papers.
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Tool for the visual analysis of social network data. Written in R, it provides a useful visualization of network core, community structure, node centrality and most significant structural patterns (motifs). Code will be released soon.