Other Scientific Activities

(Note: information below is updated less frequently than other areas of this website.)

I am a member of the MIDAS (Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study) Network and Coordinator of CLAIRE's (Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe) Social dynamics and networks monitoring (Task 8) of their COVID-19 Task Force

I am an elected member of the Complex System Society Council and National Coordinator for the CSS/Italy, the Italian Chapter of the Complex Systems Society.

I serve as a member of the Program Committee of the

I am co-founder and co-director of the

and co-organizer of

I also serve as a referee of several important scientific journals (alphabetic order):

and conferences:

I am Associate Editor of Complexity, Journal of Complex Networks, Condensed Matter and Frontiers in Physics (Social Physics).
I am Review Editor for the Big Data section of

and Guest Editor for the
Physica D: Special Issue on Nonlinear Dynamics on Interconnected Networks that you can find here
Philosphical Transactions of The Royal Society A: Special Issue on Emergent phenomena in complex physical and socio-technical systems: from cells to societies (ongoing)